Cold War Histories and Nuclear Futures

Welcome to our Blog from Iceland, August 2016



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27 Aug 2016

It was a privilege to spend two hours with Friðþór Eydal on Thursday 25th August. We learned more than we imagined possible about the history of the US Bases in Iceland during the Cold War period and are very grateful for his generosity in sharing his knowledge, expertise and material.

26 Aug 2016

We took photos on Wednesday night of the dome in front of Hofði House.  It was difficult to get focus, so we´re going to try to do them again. In the meantime, these photos might give you an idea of what the triangles are like in uv light.

24 Aug 2016

Today the Dome acted as a magnet. We set it up at Höfði House in Reykjavik which was the setting for the summit meeting between Reagan and Gorbachev in 1986 and regarded as the beginning of the end of the Cold War. Most foreign heads of state who visit Iceland come here. A lot of people wrote or drew on the triangles, and we made an audio recording of each students' contribution. We were also filmed for the national TV news, met MA students from the Iceland Academy of Arts and were even filmed by a drone. We've left it up so we can return tonight and take photographs using the UV torches to illuminate the drawings and texts. 

23 Aug 2016

On Monday (yesterday, 22nd August) we visited the Nato Radar Station at Kevlavik, H-1A.  We also looked around the old base, of which many buildings have been taken on by a variety of different enterprises, including a university with student housing, a hotel, hostel and film studios.  

21 Aug 2016

Without Ránar Jónsson we would not have managed to see the site for the former radar station. The day he drove us up it was so foggy I am sure we would have driven right past. In any case, our hired car would not have managed the road. The previous day he was our super hero as he drove us to the top of the mountain where the current radar station is located. It was a beautiful sunny day, the complete opposite to our experience at Misty Mountain.  He introduced us to Liney Sigurðardóttir, the local Librarian, who told us about the Christmas parties that were organised by the American soldiers.  She attended with her brothers and sisters, and they would receive a gift. Her sister, Guðrún Helga Sigurðardóttir, kept the soft toy she was given, the Monkey. We set the dome up at the local swimming pool which also houses the library and serves as a lovely information centre and hub for tourists.  We learned so much from them and the others who shared stories and made new triangles for our Dom...

18 Aug 2016

Huge thanks to the people of Höfn who shared their stories about the Radar Station with us. There's more photos to come, so please come back! We've been that busy meeting folk and travelling, that we've not had much chance to sift through our photographs to choose ones to upload for this Blog.

13 Aug 2016

Today we drove around Keflavik looking for the former Naval Air Base. It turned out that the Start Hostel is located in it, so we should have gone there first!  You could find out a bit about the Naval Air Base here: 

12 Aug 2016

We´re way behind with our Blog because we have been having such a busy time. We arrived Sunday evening, 6th August.  The landscape experience of our journey was sublime.  We´re going to post more photos from our days here soon, but for now here are a few to get started.

1 Aug 2016

These are some of the materials we're taking to Iceland - glow in the dark paints, UV pens and UV torches.  

1 Aug 2016

For those who are interested, here is a photograph of two of the triangles attached temporarily to the trial run of our dome.  We have wing nuts to use instead of drawing pins, so this picture isn't entirely accurate!

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