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Þorshavn, Misty Mountain and the Monkey

Without Ránar Jónsson we would not have managed to see the site for the former radar station. The day he drove us up it was so foggy I am sure we would have driven right past. In any case, our hired car would not have managed the road. The previous day he was our super hero as he drove us to the top of the mountain where the current radar station is located. It was a beautiful sunny day, the complete opposite to our experience at Misty Mountain. He introduced us to Liney Sigurðardóttir, the local Librarian, who told us about the Christmas parties that were organised by the American soldiers. She attended with her brothers and sisters, and they would receive a gift. Her sister, Guðrún Helga Sigurðardóttir, kept the soft toy she was given, the Monkey. We set the dome up at the local swimming pool which also houses the library and serves as a lovely information centre and hub for tourists. We learned so much from them and the others who shared stories and made new triangles for our Dome, including a story from Marton, a Hungarian visitor with whom we had the most interesting discussions about the Cold War and its aftermath. More photos yet to come!

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