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Who are we?

Map of the Arctic

We are two artists based in Shetland.  Our ambition

is to develop work that we can share across cultural and political borders which contributes to the chronicling of issues that people faced during the Cold War on both sides of the former Iron Curtain.  


Our work plays on ideas of two-way ‘listening’ and ‘relaying’ of ideas, knowledge, experience and opinions which can stimulate debate, trigger collective memory and promote engagement with issues that are not only unique to the Cold War but have continuing relevance to today’s global society.

The motivation for our interest in the Cold War stems from the fact we are both Cold War babies born into the McCarthy era in North America (Canada and the USA) who emigrated to the UK as young women in the 1970s. We have each visited the former USSR with Roxane having actually lived there during the Cold War period.


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