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There are many people to whom we are grateful for their support and enthusiasm. The participants in our projects have enriched our knowledge and understanding of the Cold War period and its reverberations since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Their belief in our aspirations has made this project possible and encouraged us to continue.  We are grateful for the generosity so many people have shown us and the time they have given to take part in our project in many communities across the Northern and Arctic region.


Many individuals have contributed specialist knowledge and experience which has enabled us to realise work beyond our expectations. Davy Inkster has provided continuous support to all our projects by providing imaginative design solutions to many of our practical conundrums. Alasdair Stuart has also provided invaluable support and practical advice and assistance.  We are very grateful for the patient support and expertise the technicians at the universities in Shetland and Syktyvkar extended to us in order to realise our virtual seminar for students and lecturers in Scotland and Russia. 

The ASAD (Arctic Sustainable Art and Design) thematic network of the University of the Arctic has become truly invaluable to our project.  It has given impetus to our work and enabled us to move beyond Shetland to the northern and Arctic regions.  We have made friends and established working partnerships through the network following our participation in conferences and exhibitions which resulted in working visits to Syktyvkar in the Komi Republic, Russia and Iceland. 


In Russia Irina Zemtsova, Vladimir Durnev and Nadezhda Bazhenova not only made our visit to Syktyvkar possible in 2015 but were generous hosts, making our visit meaningful and memorable. In Iceland our collaboration would not have been possible without Ásthildur Björg Jónsdóttir whose perserverance and commitment to the project enabled us to make invaluable connections across Iceland.  Elina Härkönen provided invaluable support in developing the project from her Finnish perspective.  Their suggestion to bring our students proved signficant at many levels and will lead to new and extended partnerships and collaborations.


Students have contributed enormously to the enduring success of our work. We are indebted particularly to Rebecca Boyd and Elizabeth Crichton from the University of the Highlands and Islands and the students from the Iceland Academy of Arts, Dagrún Magnúsdóttir and Elín Sveinsdóttir, and the University of Lapland, Venni Ahlberg, Anu Corin, Valerie Gemkow and Iiris Perkkiö. Glen Coutts, Timo Jokela and Mira Hirtunen from the University of Lapland have been an inspiration through their commitment to drive the ASAD network forward with imagination and enthusiasm. The organisers and participants of the ASAD conferences and exhibitions have enabled us to share our work, and we are grateful to Herminia Din and Sean _______  of University of Alaska Anchorage (2015) and Ásthildur Björg Jónsdóttir and Gunndis Gunndís Ýr Finnbogadóttir at the Iceland Academy of Arts (2013). 

Our research trips to visit Cold War sites in Russia, England and Scotland have been enriched by the help and enthusiasm of many people in each location. We are particularly grateful to Lyudmila Belova in St Petersburg, Russia for her insight and support; Igor Baskin who generated ideas and information; Frank ___________ who enabled us to fulfill a desire to enter an ROC bunker through his patient and unrelenting encouragement at the Skelmorlie Post in Ayrshire. 

There are many more people who have helped us and we apologise if we have failed to mention you.  Please contact us to remind us and we'll up-date this page.


We began by thanking participants in our projects and wish to conclude by asking you to look at the project pages for more information about the individuals who have worked with us in the many locations we have been privileged to visit to date.

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